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In 1969, the flexible printed circuit (FPCs)’ business unit was created in the R&D Laboratories of Sumitomo Electric. Since then, we have been expanding our business globally and responding to various customer needs for enhanced use of information, multifunctionality and miniaturization in the electronics industry.

At present, the environment surrounding the electronics business is evolving more rapidly than ever before. We are promoting maximum usage of conventional technologies that have been accumulated to date and also challenging ourselves to innovative technological fields aggressively by demonstrating integrated capabilities of the Sumitomo Electric Group.

We are proposing total services to our customers worldwide from circuit design to component-mounted modules. Our company is constantly striving as one to satisfy customers’ needs and thereby earn trust and confidence widely from members of society.

Yoshihiro Akahane, President

Corporate Outline

Corporate Data

Company Appearance
1.5 billion yen
■Year of

Yoshihiro Akahane, President
■The Substance
 of Business
Development and manufacturing of flexible printed circuits(FPCs) used for electronics products
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.  100%
 (Head Office)
30 Hinokigaoka, Minakuchi-cho, Koka City,
Shiga 528-0068, Japan

History of The Sumitomo Electric Group’s FPC Business

Year 1969 Started FPC production at Osaka Works of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
Year 1980 Totally transferred production department to Nagoya Works to expand FPC business
Year 1990 Established Sumiden Circuits, Inc. at Ishibe-cho, Koka-gun, Shiga, which is Konan City at present, as a subsidiary for production. The company is the present Ishibe Works of Sumitomo Electric Printed Circuits, Inc.
Year 1994 Started FPC’s lower process production in China at Song Gang Electronics Wire Factory
Year 1996 Established FPC’s production and sales company in the Philippines
< First Sumiden Circuits, Inc. >
Year 2000 Transferred FPC business headquarters’ function to Minakuchi-cho, , Koka-gun, Shiga, which is Minakuchi-cho, Koka City at present, and started as Sumitomo Electric Printed Circuits, Inc.
Year 2004 Established a FPC factory in SuZhou, China
< Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products(SuZhou) Ltd. >
Year 2007 Established a FPC factory in Hanoi, Vietnam
< Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products(Vietnam) Ltd. >
Year 2010 Established Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products(ShenZhen) Ltd. in ShenZhen, China and transferred from production contracting to Song Gang Electronics Wire Factory
Year 2011 Established a FPC factory in Chonburi, Thailand
< SEI Interconnect Products (Thailand) Ltd. >
Year 2012 Established a new factory in Hanoi, Vietnam and transferred FPC production at Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products(Vietnam) Ltd.
< SEI Electronic Components (Vietnam), Ltd. >

Corporate Basic Policy

It is an immutable basic policy within the Sumitomo Electric Group to conduct business activities in an honest manner in line with the high standard of corporate ethics rooted in the Sumitomo Spirit and Business Principles.

For more information on the “Sumitomo Spirit,” “Corporate Principles" and “Group Charter of Corporate Behavior,” click here.

Corporate Philosophy

We, based on a global vision and creative ideas, shall contribute to a society by fairly, and appropriately producing flexible printed circuits in accordance with the Sumitomo Spirit.

Policy on Human rights

We provide direction and respects international standards related to human rights, including prohibition of child and forced labor, abolition of discrimination in hiring and employment, freedom of association, and the right to collective bargaining.

The Sumitomo Electric Group Policy on Human Rights : Refer here ( 419KB)

Global HRM Policy

Refer here

Information Disclosure

Sumitomo Electric Group Disclosure Policy

Refer here

Policy on Safety and Hygiene

We shall all strive to achieve a perfect zero-accident record and create a comfortable work-place under a slogan of "building a corporate culture where safety comes first."

Environmental Policy

Understanding the importance of building a sustainable society of low environmental impact, we shall contribute to a society by providing flexible printed circuit products while making continuous and steady efforts to promote our global environmental protection activities. 

Environmental Policy : Refer here ( 135KB)

Policy on Quality

We shall continuously improve our business model and practices so as to make products that satisfy customer expectations, trust and requirements.

Procurement Policy

Refer here

Intellectual Property Protection

Sumitomo Electric Printed Circuits develops and manufactures various products based on its unique technologies. Proper protection and management of those products based on intellectual property rights (IPRs) is an important issue for our business management. Therefore, while promoting technical development, we are actively committed to the appropriate management of technical know-how and internal data as well as acquisition and use of IPRs such as patent rights and design rights. At the same time, we pay scrupulous attention and respect to the IPRs of other companies.

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