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Pattern Formation
(Subtractive Circuits, Semi-additive Circuits)

Pattern Formation(Semi-additive Circuits, Printed Circuits)
Pattern Formation(Semi-additive Circuits, Printed Circuits)

It has become necessary to change circuit formation processes from the conventional subtractive method (Cu etching) to semi-additive method (plating) in order to form the finer pitch circuits that are trending with FPCs. We supply high quality, fine pitch FPCs of good circuit adhesion and insulation property by having improved the seed layer material from the conventional Ni-Cr to Cu.


Feature 1

Semi-additive FPC using Cu Seed Layer

It has become possible for us to supply highly reliable semi-additive FPCs by using a Cu seed layer instead of an Nr-Cr seed layer. At present, we use thin Cu foil as the Cu seed layer but we are developing even thinner Cu material.

Prototype Example of Semi-additive FPC

Prototype Example of Semi-additive FPC

  • L/S=15/15um
  • Conductor Peel-off Strength>8N/cm
Feature 2

Higher Aspect of Circuit Form

We are constantly developing higher and higher aspect circuits, targeting further function by improvement of circuit formation process.

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Semi-additive FPCs(Hard Disk Drives, Medical Applications), Circuit Printed FPC

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