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Interboard Connections (with ACF)

Interboard Connections(with In-house Made ACF)

Mounted connectors were previously used to connect FPCs to other printed circuit boards, but the need for slimmer connections has grown alongside thinner, lighter and smaller mobile devices. We realized both slimmer sizes and lower costs by using ACF(Anisotropic Conductive Film) material to integrate FPCs and rigid boards, as well as to connect FPCs to other FPCs.


Feature 1

Realization of Fine-pitch Connection FPC

As interboard connections, such as FPC-FPC and FPC-PWB, we supply integrated wiring with ACF connection without using connectors. We are also responding to fine-pitch terminal design.

Feature 2

ACF Bonding

In general, it is difficult to control FPC dimensions because FPCs expand under the heat of ACF bonding that is done at high temperature and pressure. But, we have achieved both dimensional stability and connection reliability of FPCs by fully utilizing our original process technology.

Core Technologies Applied Products

FPCs Connected with ACF(Alternatives to Flex-Rigid Configurations, Modular Design of FPCs)

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