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Ultra-soft FPC

Ultra-soft FPC

Because wiring in a limited amount of space is necessary in order to accommodate smaller electronics appliances, there are many cases where assembly efficiency decreases due to the spring-back property of conventional FPCs. We can supply FPC of low spring-back property, which solves this problem, by using coverlay made of photosensitive polyimide resin or ultra-thin polyimide film coverlay.


Feature 1

Low Spring-back Property

This FPC offers good assembly efficiency because the spring-back property is smaller than that of conventional coverlay films of thickness up to 12.5μm. Also, this FPC can maintain a required shape when using a photosensitive polyimide coverlay(PICL).

Low Spring-back Property
Feature 2

Simplified Process

Use of a photosensitive coverlay shortens production lead-time and reduces costs because the process can be simplified compared to that for conventional coverlay process. Furthermore, tooling costs can be reduced because coverlay punching becomes unnecessary.

Simplified Process


Liquid Crystal Displays, Touch Panels, Cellphones, Digital Cameras

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