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Core Technologies

Research, development and analysis technologies from across the Sumitomo Electric Group has given us core technologies.

  • Pattern Formation

    Circuit Connections
    We are developing FPC with fine-pitch circuit using the unique circuit forming technology.

    Pattern Formation

  • High Density Component Mounting / Module

    High Density Component Mounting / Module
    These technologies are for producing FPCs for high density component mounting and modules on which semi-conductor devices, micro-chips or connectors are mounted.

    High Density Component Mounting

    Module Development and Fabrication

  • Polymer Materials

    High Polymer Materials
    We are applying polymer synthesizing or compounding technologies that originated in insulation materials for cabling and wiring to developing insulation materials for FPCs.

    Polymer Materials

  • Analysis

    We are applying the analysis and CAE technologies of the Sumitomo Electric Group to material development and product design of FPC products.

    Chemical Analysis Technology /

    CAE Analysis Technology

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