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Examples of FPC Application

As excellent thin and lightweight wiring material, Sumitomo Electric’s flexible printed circuits (FPCs) are not only contributing to smaller size and lighter weight electrical appliances, but also responding to high density component mounting for sensors and other applications. By enabling wiring for moving parts and three-dimensional wiring, arrays by folding and laminating, our FPCs are playing an important role as highly functional modules. Fully utilizing these advantages, our products are expected to be used in new fields that are viewed as future growth markets such as wearable devices, high-speed data transmission, robotics, medical application and more.

Automobile Mobile Devices(Liquid Crystal Panel, Touch Panel etc.) Wearable Device (Small, Flexible, High-density Parts Mounted Circuits) Antenna for High-frequency Application, Transmission and Reception Module
Robotics (Wiring Material for Moving Area, such as Arms or Legs Actuator, Vibration Board, Adjustment Function of Image Stabilizer Medical Equipment(Ultrasonic Probe etc.) Hard Disk Drive, DVD Disk
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